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Pallet Globetrotter stackable version PP05 800x1200x140mm

Our pallet of only 8.8kg, size 80cmx120cm, made of 100% regenerated PP granules, durable and stackable thanks to its conical feet. Lightweight, but highly performing and durable, also suitable for rack shelving. Our pallet can have various uses, from transport to the storage of packages as well as reels. Transformable thanks to our accessories, it can be completed with mats to make the surface completely smooth or adapted to the insertion of cradles to allow the support of reels so that there is no flexing or breakage, but an even weight distribution. The central focus is transport, which is convenient, practical but above all lightweight, allowing goods to travel safely and with less overall weight.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 40 pieces.

Dimension in mm (LxPxH): 1200x800x140
Height in mm: 140
Weight in Kg: 9,40 +/- 3%
Dynamic laod in kg: 750 - dipende da tipo di carico
Static load in kg: 1500 - dipende dal tipo di carico
Rack load in kg: 350 - UNI EN ISO 8611-1:2012
Bending stress in kg: 580 - UNI EN ISO 8611-1:2012
Stackable: yes
RFID applicable: yes
Material: R-PP
Temperature resistance: -4°C +70°C
Basic color: black
Commercial Brand: LUCY PLAST
Code: 04PAL002

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9,4 KG.
Dinamic load 750 KG.
Static load 1500 KG.
The product is not available for order.
Pallet Globetrotter stackable version PP05 800x1200x140mm
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